The Canadian Seller’s Guide
for Florida Real Estate

Our team provides expert advice and specialized services for Canadians who are selling a real estate property in Florida. Most Canadians do not understand the sales process or tax implications that arise with selling foreign real estate, but our team ensures a smooth transaction while protecting our clients’ interests.

Why Canadians Use Our Services?

Selling real estate in the U.S. can be complicated and many Canadians have been penalized by doing things incorrectly. Canadian sellers of U.S. real estate must consider if the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) is applicable to their transaction. Choosing experts who truly understand the intricacies of working with Canadian clients is essential! That’s why we established an all-inclusive team of trusted professionals from each field who understand Canadians needs to make sure our clients are properly taken care of to avoid any tax issues!

Here are a few of the services we will take care of for you…


Our real estate team specializes in working with Canadians to ensure all foreign seller needs are handled correctly.

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Our cross border accounting team will provide a free consultation to ensure your U.S. real estate sale is properly structured.

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Our cross border real estate legal team will review all documents to ensure everything is properly structured.

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We provide currency brokering to get the best exchange rate when you transfer the proceeds of your sale back to Canada.

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Our title partners offer our clients exclusive rates and trusted services to close all real estate transactions.

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Here is What We Provide Our Fellow Canadians…

Canadians Selling Real Estate in Florida

STEP 1 – Getting Started

The Canada to Florida team will help you find all the right people to make the sale of your Florida real estate a stress free experience.

  • Let’s Talk: Contact our team to discuss your sale, tell us about your property, when you want to sell and everything in between.
  • Expert Advice: We will act as your personal real estate concierge to answer all your questions and educate you on everything you need to know throughout the entire process!
  • Professional Services: We will determine all the services you require and pair you up with our team of experts for everything you need.

STEP 2 – Listing & Selling

The process of selling real estate is similar to Canada, but our trusted team will take care of all the cross border legal components for you!

  • Real Estate Services: Our Florida real estate team will walk you through the entire process so you understand the differences in the U.S., we will list your property and work with our cross border tax team to structure everything correctly for your sale.
  • Tax Planning: Are you familiar with FIRPTA? Our tax team will provide a free consultation to ensure your sale is properly structured to avoid any tax surprises from the IRS.
Canadians Selling Real Estate in Florida
Closing Real Estate Sales in Florida for Canadians

STEP 3 – Closing & Completion

Once your sale is complete, our team ensures everything is processed correctly to reduce or eliminate any foreign taxation.

  • Legal Services: Our cross border tax and legal team will review all documents to ensure everything is properly structured.
  • Closing Services: Title agencies complete real estate transactions in Florida instead of a lawyer like we use in Canada. Our trusted title partners offer preferred rates for our clients.
  • Currency Exchange: Our currency brokers will get your funds transferred back to Canada at the best exchange rates!

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